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Cyber Crime

The Statista Infographics Bulletin published on December 15, 2016, reported the latest Yahoo hack is the largest data breach to date. More than one billion Yahoo accounts were affected by a recently discovered data breach dating back to 2013.

The incident, which Yahoo informed the public on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, is likely distinct from the one Yahoo disclosed in September, 2016. Thus, Yahoo has fallen victim to the two largest (known) data breaches to date. Read more here (you will be taken to the statista website).

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Cyber Liability

If sensitive client data is lost or stolen, you could be sued! Cyber Liability insurance safeguards against liabilities associated with doing business online.
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Cyber Device

Cyber Device

Protect yourself against lawsuits, if your phone, tablet, or laptop is stolen! Protect yourself against the costs of device theft. PLUS – You can get coverage for any mobile phone!
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General Liability

General Liability

Your business can be sued for almost anything – sometimes even when you have done nothing wrong! Protect yourself against the costs of lawsuits, damages, and other claims putting your business assets at risk!
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Become a Distributor

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