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Become a Distributor for A4U

Become a Distributor

If you provide services or products to mental health professionals you might just be the type of person we need. Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity!

Did You Know?

Insurance industry information indicates that on average, a record breach, whether it be paper or digital, costs $200 per client in the practice.

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Our Audience

Our solutions have been designed to provide comprehensive liability insurance coverage to healthcare, mental and allied health professionals. From students to employees or professionals in private practice, if you connect with vendors, clients, and colleagues online or keep paper records, you need our products. We will provide you with peace of mind so you can concentrate on what is really important in your profession, which is “helping others”.

Professional Liability Insurance for Individuals, Groups, and Agencies

Professional Liability

Social work is a rewarding career, but helping others can put you at risk of being sued by someone dissatisfied with an outcome.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability

If a visitor is injured at your office, you could be sued and your practice could be at risk. Even if you did nothing wrong.

Cyber Liability Choice Select

Cyber Liability

When confidential client data is taken, copied, transmitted, viewed or stolen by an unauthorized individual, you can be held responsible.