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The well-being of our policyholders is our highest-priority

Empowering Our Policyholders…

Many behavioral and allied health professionals are concerned about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on themselves, their family and the people and communities they serve. The Preferra Insurance Company RRG, formerly NASW Risk Retention Group has been working to empower our policyholders so that they can continue to serve their clients wherever they are during this national public health emergency. Below are resources to support our policyholders during this unprecedented time in our country.

Deferred Renewal Payment for Policyholders

As the Preferra Insurance Company RRG, formerly NASW Risk Retention Group continues to take proactive steps during these unprecedented times, the well-being of our policyholders is our highest priority.

Considering Teletherapy?
What You Need to Know
BEFORE You Start.

As the novel coronavirus concerns continue, many professionals are turning to teletherapy to continue client care. Whether you are new to practicing teletherapy or not, there are a few critical items you need to know before you start. 

Technology in Social Work Practice: Standards of Practice

The use of technology plays an essential role in the social work profession, and it goes beyond the pure understanding of its functionality. Learn how you can use technology in your practice with this on-demand webinar from NASW.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teletherapy

To support behavioral and allied health professionals during this unprecedented time, the following are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding teletherepy.

Teletherapy Consent Form

Acquiring a client’s consent for teletherapy is a best practice we recommend putting in place before beginning. And, it may be a requirement in your particular state. To support policyholders of the Preferra Insurance Company RRG, formerly NASW Risk Retention Group, we are providing an informed consent document (pdf) ready for use in the delivery of teletherapy services.

Professional Liability

Your career is a rewarding one, but helping others can put you at risk to be sued by someone dissatisfied with an outcome.

General Liability

If a client or visitor is injured at your office, you could be sued and your practice could be at risk – even if you did nothing wrong.

Cyber Liability

You can be held responsible when confidential client data is copied, transmitted, viewed, or stolen by an unauthorized person.

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