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  • Legal Defense
  • State and Federal Fines and Penalties
  • Damages
  • Computer Security Breach Expert Audit,
  • Client/Patient Notification Costs
  • ID Theft Protection for Subscriptions for Victims

First-Party Breach Endorsement (FPB)

For only $45 per year, you can add coverage for any three office workers of the insured from these classes; secretary, receptionist, and administrative clerical worker.

Why Cyber Liability Choice Select

orange-checkIf you want third-party coverage (covers breaches caused by Vendors and Movers for example) for damages, fines, and legal fees for lost client records, and for client records that are breached, stolen, damaged, whether in paper or digital form, then you need a Cyber Liability Choice Select (CLCS) policy.

orange-checkIf you want first-party coverage for all of these perils for yourself and no more than three (3) employees, then you need to add the First-Party Endorsement to your Cyber Liability Choice Select (CLCS) policy.

Why do I need Cyber Liability and Cyber Device insurance protection?

Damages, legal defense, mass patient notification fines, and penalties arise when a breach occurs. It is likely your practice will become bankrupt without coverage for these perils if a breach occurs. Check the product listing to see the choice of benefit coverage and limits.

Click here if you would like to download a PDF of our Cyber Liability Choice Select application.