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Cyber Liability Choice Select

Cyber Liability

When confidential client data is taken, copied, transmitted, viewed or stolen by an unauthorized individual, you can be held responsible.
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Did You Know?

In 2014, the FBI reported 5,500,000 laptops were stolen the past 3 years in the United States.

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Prices & Rates for Cyber Liability Choice Select

PlanPer OccurencePer AggregateAnnual Premium

First-Party Breach Endorsement (“FPB”)

$45 per year; covers insured and any three office workers of the insured from these classes: secretary, receptionist, administrative clerical worker.

Why Cyber Liability Choice Select

orange-checkIf you want third-party coverage (covers breaches caused by Vendors and Movers for example) for damages, fines, and legal fees for lost client records, and for client records that are breached, stolen, damaged, whether in paper or digital form, then you need a Cyber Liability Choice Select (CLCS) policy.

orange-checkIf you want first-party coverage for all of these perils for yourself and no more than three (3) employees, then you need to add the First-Party Endorsement to your Cyber Liability Choice Select (CLCS) policy.

Is the Cyber Liability Choice Select policy guaranteed issue?

Yes. As long as you fit into one of the many occupations listed (on the application form). We only ask a few basic information questions to calculate the premium based on your needs, and then to enroll you.